Pertengahan agustus 2000

I don’t remember when exactly it was.  It was just several day before registration day, as I guessed no one expected I would be accepted.

Stayed in my far family house for a week, well, I admitted that they are good and warm people; I laught a lot there, but at the same time annoyed to often. You know what, at that time when I was 18, I bet you nobody realize something that being my prayer for more than 3 years.

I experienced mixed feeling, sad, happy, proud, homesick. Then we; the new student; were colleted on the sabuga field for briefing. My eyes stared at a very beautiful figure. What? at this place how come there is such figure, I humbled.

Chemistry class. My first class in ITB? hmm maybe, I met about 100 classmate for the first time.

Second week, I moved to my own room. The room was small and had strong paint smell, I can remember that clearly.


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